Citizenship list in Indian state leaves out almost 2 million



Nearly two million people in India's northeast state of us psalm are at risk of being declared stateless is NPR's Lauren Frayer reports from Mumbai they've been left off the government's final list of people who citizenship is verified this list is intended to verify who is legally Indian and how might be an undocumented migrant Indian state of Assam borders Muslim majority Bangladesh and has long had lots of migration from there this process has been overseen by India's Hindu nationalist government most of the nearly two million people left off the list I believed to be Muslims that figure is less than half of what was expected an earlier draft of the list excluded four million people still locals are upset one woman jumped in a well and died after hearing a rumor she was left off the list which turned out to be false people of a hundred and twenty days to appeal their status India's deployed tens of thousands of troops to us on to quell any

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