What to know about Britain's next prime minister, Boris Johnson


Great Britain's about to get a new prime minister could happen as early as tomorrow after to reason may leaves office London's former mayor Boris Johnson gets to move into ten Downing Street after he's confirmed by the head of state Queen Elizabeth and we find out more about the incoming prime minister from Graham mac he's with fixed radio in London he talked with our David Rankin for it's pretty much split because Boris does have its found but Boris is a bit of a figure of phone the comedian Frankie Boyle described Boris Johnson is looking like a cross between a head injury in an all night back and Boris I had a long time being taken seriously as a politician even though he is a career politician on like you know Donald Trump he did start on television we have a TV show a satirical Hahnel chocolat by got news for you and Boris was often a guest on that show you got to be well known by the British public that made in the matter of London the walls all the training on the TV well you start now with everybody wants him to be running the country did he run the city of London well I thought it's a hard city to run only well I would say if one of his legacies is bush bike cycle around the known as Boris bikes everywhere so if you want to cycle from one side to the other you just like a credit card in the bike and move across town so he got he got Boris bike through he made some big mistakes that we once thought it was when the London riots were on a few years ago after which people to water cannon which from the French I think and it was totally unusual unusable because in New York the in European cities they have huge squares and via the in France and Italy and and Germany we don't really have that but it's all a little street CAF so the water cannon could out this week so it was useless so we spend all that money on that but by and large I think he did he had some some nasty things to say about Donald Trump at one time went when Donald was talking about that crying in London which she still likes to do and forests fired back with since then Boris seems to be very friendly with Donald Trump so I don't know how it goes but I think you did an alright job of running London I remember talking to a journalist at one of the news rooms when the the match changed and he said well the one thing about bars you could always get a hold of and it always give you comments and the media did like in many it's the media that he's being friendly with the knees manipulated the best to get where he is and look at this in a couple days to be the prime minister so what does the future hold as far as breaks it and is it going to be a hard breaks it is it is there going to be some kind of a deal made I don't know I hope so because it'll be the lesser of two evils that have a nice deal where we don't suffer too much would be great for Boris is actually said he's not going to rule out a hard brexit which means we have no deal with the eighty year now trading down office and some of the NBA's impala and said that in fact that the campaigning to walk back in stock I don't know how they'll be able to do that and to be honest with you know a lot of the people a few years ago voted in the actual referendum to leave they would think it was just going to be no deal they didn't realize there was gonna be deals to be done and all the rest of it so we'll just have to

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