A.J. Green's injury on 'subpar' Bengals practice field will cost wide receiver up to two months

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Speaking of injuries unfortunately an M._r._i.. Has revealed that Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver A._J.. Green has torn ligaments in his left. Ankle is according affording to Schefter here. They are likely to sideline green six to eight weeks up really not a good situation and teammate Tyler Boyd questioned the turf. The team was practicing on when green was injured. It was terrible. I couldn't run any routes out there. I'm falling all over the ground man it was it was bad. It was rocks pebbles out there man it was somewhere we should have been just feel like the turf was old. You know it just wasn't we didn't get good traction in and out of her breaks. You know a lot of guys not just me was on the ground but I mean who wasn't up there that long but there's gotTa make a word man. We gotta get it well. The turf was that welcome stadium at the University of Dayton where the bengals are practicing coach you buy this well. I haven't seen the video really in this instance probably not but I will say that you know feel. Surfaces are very very important for player safety. You know whether it's a grass field you know what is the old school latch with Pittsburgh steelers. We practice on hard old school astroturf every day for five years so no you got to look at it but in that instance I think it was a matter of the kind of rolling up on the back of his ankle and that was what I saw caused that particular injury about sure it was the field service problem here in addition to the injury of course which is is paramount is the optics of this and when you have a player who says this sort of perception is reality and then then it's out there and you got players. You might believe this is the case whether the optics to this are awful and this time of year teams are trying to realize their fan N._B._C.'s. I've been a part of that for a number of years. Every team has an operations department and kind of like the offensive line. You'd never talk about the operations department until there's a problem and part of their responsibility is to advance where hotels are safety of the fields whether or not the field deal with safer not now the perception is that it was a problem now e._j.. Green fairness may have gotten hurt it was on their practice field but they're players now think that was a factor and they're at the University of Dayton given rookie head coach. He's trying to establish himself itself and now he has a problem in the locker room because these players are questioning what the organization did and that Operation Staff that you're referring to my signed off on the practices being here the League went to them. They sent a site survey team to inspect the field and that site survey survey team for the Bengals said this field is okay to practicing and maybe they thought it's one practice we can get through now. You've got a situation where you see A._J.. Green get hurt on this play and we can take another look at it right here where he goes up for the past the D._v. lands on his ankle. He's on the turf tears ligaments in his ankle. He's going to be sixty weeks. Think about how much is at stake your now. You have a first year head coach Zack Taylor who's trying to come in and implemented program. They've already lost their first round draft. Pick joyner Williams to a season ending injury. Now you lose your left tackle. You lose your number one wide receiver. They are at a loss there and A._J.. Green himself is going into the last year of his contract so at a time when we're talking about new deals for Michael Thomas in Amari Cooper Julio Jones guess who else was on that list of A._J.. Green so what happens now to his value as argument now that he is going to be out for some period of time and organization standpoint. That's a really difficult position because A._J.. Degrees could say hey. I've done all the right things. I was out there practicing at the university because you wanted me to and now that's going to hurt me and take money out of my own pocket. It could really cause a situation to go awry very quickly and again even if the operations team went through all the protocols the the perception is that this feel wasn't safe and now they have a problem with one of their best players. Yeah I think that team without J. Green if you look at their record versus with huge and so he's a big part of their team. He's going to be missed. This is that there's a fair amount of injury here to start. You know this is not the way not the way you want to get off the ground. No team does last last year he missed time with a toe injury and when he was out of there the offense did not operate the same toddler boys production fell off and everybody thinks talent boy. We'll just emerge as the number one guy and he's a really good wide receiver but the fact that matters A._G.. Green when he's out there makes tyler. Holler bought a better received. John Ross still has not stepped up as the first round draft pick that he was. He says he's ready to do that. Will they need him to do that. They've got some other players Alex Berenson some good young receivers but A._J.. Green is on a level with Julio Jones. He's is that kind of talent and when you Jack Taylor coming into his offense it's hard to get by without somebody that good.

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