Computer Tells Real Smiles from Phonies


This is scientific american sixty seconds signs. I'm sophie bushwick. Is that person really glad to see me or are they. Just being polite. Some people struggled to distinguish a perfunctory grin from a truly happy. Smile and computers have found this task even more difficult bolt that is until researchers trained a program to detect when a smile is genuine visual computing researchers at the university of bradford in the u._k. Started with software for analyzing a changing facial expression this program can examine video clip of a human head and identify specific acidic details around the eyes cheeks and mouth then the program tracks the details moving relative to each other as the face smiles next next the scientists had their program evaluate two sets of video clips in one subjects performed posed smiles in the other they watched film that inspired genuine displays of emotion. The program calculated the differences among the subjects faces during the two clips and it turns out that your mouth cheeks and is moved differently when you're faking that smirk in particular the muscles around the eyes shift ten percent more for a real smile than they do for a fake one. These results are in the journal advanced engineering informatics. The researchers suggest their work could improve approve computers ability to analyze facial expressions and thus to interact more smoothly with humans but they're real accomplishment is improving tyra tyra banks right. You have to smile with your eyes. Thanks for listening for scientific. American is sixty seconds science on sophie bushwick <music>.

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