Before i came here i said what's what movies they're playing near me


Hi i'm not really a moderator i'll do my best here i don't talk yeah thank you and right now um what a great movie huh how far liked that um all right so the directing team i did before i came here i said what's what movies they're playing near me and it came up your movie did and you were the only director rule gotta talk to someone of that because that always used to happen to me um because his name was listed first as a means to obviously switched the order rights via they dropped the second director phenom atta and nobody else had a knows i'm i'm not sure what everyone else wants to hear but i'm gonna kinda ask the questions that i'm interested in um and maybe they'll be what you're interested in i'm fascinated with the fact that you too are a couple um but uh um i just i want some like details like do both eu go up to the actors do you take turns answer me seve we have the same answer i guess that you're going to move they will often lanotte well we it we have to plan a lot i am and so which is fun because you know we love what we do is we all do here and and so we get to talk about it anytime we want which is mostly a good thing right but you know sometimes when you're brushing your teeth and you have an idea and you wanna talk about your partner may not be say enough already yeah but but to um to talk about.

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