Whereas swift was developed inside of apple

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Um i think that makes a lot of sense so one thing want to ask you about the just talking about kotlin young people who would be my android imo java thing about kotlin and then on the iowa side of things yet objective c and swift and i've heard the comparison before you get colonised the java as swift is to objective c and there's a lot of that there's lines to draw there there's a lot that's not true about that but one of the most interesting things for me is whereas swift was developed inside of apple and has now gonna be you know the longterm objective see replacement over time here we have kotlin perhaps over time replacing jolla on android but it's from a third party it open opensource also does opensource beds all inside of apple whereas this income from ghul this came from from a tooling company so just curious your thoughts on that comparison and the fact that collins from ah outsider whereas switches from the inside uh yeah well one thing is that like what one thing i find very interesting about good governance weaved is how close they are in terms of design so even though we did not talk to each other a told until very late so i was gave a presentation about caught in at apple wear cui sattar was present but to be do today that's does count as does s like joint development rainsy like that so.

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