John Kasich’s 2020 Challenge Against Donald Trump


Fresh kind of barrier that trump would have to have become line yes i mean trump has always insisted and i think come manafort to in a in a way has has also made the point and that his work for trump with nothing to do with any russian connection he was he was recruited as a pr an adviser and campaign manager and the fact that he had links elsewhere and he worked elsewhere really has nothing to do with this he's a pr professional that said that that's his trope he works anybody who pays him an but obviously because of this said that that the ukraine connection which seems to have a possible link with it with with with russia and then the chateau remains an but i think you know even if manafort protests arrested even if the charges a it w whatever the charge might be in it's probably that he wasn't registered to do whatever he was he was doing with a foreign power an ruled that trump well as i said i think he'll still be in the clear but obviously because the nonfox connection that is difficulty indeed now i mention across mary you used to sit in in moscow what's the what's the russian view on this because we talked previously about sort of a mix of intrigue may be satisfaction horse on some levels dissatisfaction kaylynn others once we start to see arrests being made of highprofile figures regardless of the damage that doesn't doesn't do to trump what do you think the mosque of you.

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