Right jesse in akron says andrew luck has a horrible schedule after week nine


Is over under differences thirty nine to forty four yeah i'm i'm taking big ben at home i trust i can more than i trust dalton they both have difficult match ups go with the more talented i actually going to take down yeah yeah i am items on dozens on a roll right now since bill laser came along he's been fine and i don't know what buffalo is entirely i don't you know dan week man that's it's a tough one the jacksonville can be run on by love bell as saying this week will be it's gonna be antonio brown versus jalen ramsey in jail ramsey's right now the best quarterbacks goes into less wide receiver against best clothing me grab going to be a big exactly great match up i have antonio brown in i'm not happy certainly id i need to free freeway that you can you can lean on winston here at least i still have my feb all right jesse in akron says andrew luck has a horrible schedule after week nine will he be the top five to seven lock qbe we have seen for the rest of the season loved the podcast came we'll be getting a dfs all you guys are making added out ball heroes here's the thing about enter luck he's like aaron rodgers you don't give a crap what to schedule says if tom brady's facing the toughest pass it if tom brady's going into seattle you will year his so what who cares lucky is because that's what you believe about their talent if you look we talked about this at the end of last year andrew luck he's he's match proof he's game script proof all those things have proved over his career to be the case so yes i believe he is a five to seven lock if not better if he's back if he's healthy this teams going to need in the defense cannot do it.

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