The Cool Kids Return to a World They Created


I need moments like this i think we need governments like this exports has been a decidedly serious place for a lot of this year i feel like that's a moment where we can all just sit there and get a win like mike you see this as to sort of speak to your soul right like short of him pulling a cigarette out of his sock and pantomime lighting it this has got to be the best celebration we could hope for you you don't see that uh celebratory gesture to often in sports and i think you could use a little bit more of it donna say i think that's the sports that's more the sports world i want to live in where you know what sportsmanship sportsmanship as great little black shadows over him all i mean it i that is going to have to because i'm sure it's going to get sean sports are member there is a kit from ohio state the did that when he got to check in with leaving the stadium a couple of years ago so a very limited crew that's all managed to pull this off in the middle of games i'm a big fan of it i know that kids probably or actually i shouldn't say that because butch jones at this point there seems to be a lack of control in that locker room that would lead to a situation like this maybe the key will be punched at all maybe you'll be a captain for the next game and maybe they'll be able to go with that so infinitely more interesting was that to me than watching the houston astros ruined world series match up that i really wanted to but all not quite as interesting is watching notredame absolutely u s c speaking of interesting though the mba continues to provide interesting this offseason come i met kevin durant and steph curry both got ejected last night during the grizzlies will try and get to the bottom of the bad boy golden state warriors next they are tom weekend observations stu wind junior michael junior here still got off coaching or right now.

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