This was a fox two thousand picture so it's kind of a lowbudget film


I think a lot of people don't necessarily realized that this was sort of not exactly a mainstream movie but it was a movie that introduced a lot of frankly white america to what band culture is now just in high school but it it's bc uses well you touch on that in a little bit in the oral history explain some of that backrow form definitely i mean this was a fox two thousand picture so it's kind of a lowbudget film director charleston needed twenty million dollars and make the movie on they only budgeted for thirteen million to begin with um and they wouldn't give them extra money until they actually added a white character to the film which i found very interesting on that i've never really been reported before and some of the producers in charleston kinda told me that in passing that i find it interesting that the character of jason floor they had to add him to the script to get this extra money in the budget to make this film in introduced this culture to a lotta people we're talking with aaron doubts in of the undefeated here on the right time clinton years fillon in here on a friday headline halftime is game time the oral history of drumline oral history sometimes can be interesting because talking to all the characters you don't necessarily get all love from everybody it's it felt like throughout this there was some controversy was not an easy movie to make for anybody involved what were some of the things you learned about the slow process of how this film was made that were not you know quite as easy going as they could have been.

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