Packers: Matt Flynn knows what Brett Hundley is up against on Sunday | Pro football


If you missed him in the first hour you can always check it out of the podcast field gates in there as well joins to seven feet seven fifteen get you guys ready for the nfl sunday and it will get to some of the interesting things coming up this sunday obviously brett hull humbly getting these start for the green bay packers in lieu of the injured aaron rodgers you got the patriots the falcons in the super bowl rematch night of two teams that were in the super bowl last year that hardly look like the teams that we saw both unrecognizable in key ways for them last year the patriots great scoring defense last year this season a defense that yielded a three hundred yard passer in every one of their game so far the falcons offense having difficulty finding the end zone julio jones still having difficulty finding the end zone for a team that was one of the best offense we'd ever seen in the nfl last year so all of that coming up in a little bit press a smoke break from mike you see mikey we've got we've got a slow prague's another a holdover from the renaissance fair that you were at is under no can be that funny but it's a short quick len there's actually a ren fear heckler who was a little bit he was a little bit uh we got it we know exactly what you mean a little bit a little bit intoxicated executed nine the leading to the heck the heckler and i had a lot in common last night that what you're trying to say basically it on the imagine.

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