The eagles took on the carolina panthers the eagles


The eagles took on the carolina panthers the eagles won that game twenty eight to three jason what are your big takeaways from this game big takeaways so i i think the eagles defense getting healthier going forward i'm going to and they were not they weren't fully healthy yesterday but they still rioted dose they still have room to improve their but they you know they got a fletcher cox back he made a big difference i you know when it kim came to the running game on the ground from running backs the carolina could not get it done at all not even close and so i i credit where you don't like your for eight from uh from crowder mccaffrey 448 for it well what was john and then stewart's line he was actually in inverse of that very arts at eight attempts and instead of eight yards he had negative 4 angular fouryard so yeah that run de looks completely legitimate when they're healthy so i will take that into consideration carson wince he looked he looked very good he was also the benefactor of some short certainly only yuccas he was 16 for 30 mean under 54 percent completion still twenty two or twenty yards three scores so very high qbe our rating but his defense really did help amount turned into a good fantasy play on the other side cam was still a passable fantasy play because he had the rushing touchdown and the passing touchstone.

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