Linda Cardellini on new Netflix show, 'Dead to Me'


Hi, everybody. I'm Peter Travers this popcorn where we tell you what's happening in the culture. And my guess today's Linda Cartolini, who is having a year of years, first of all green book wins the Oscar as best picture, you know, that's pretty great. And then basically, you do a horror film, cursive, love Ronin becomes number one over the Easter weekend. And now you have a series on Netflix called dead to me, which is secret is that other little indie movie made this year called ventures endgame? Tiny movie. You know, that's why we're here we, we wanna push that kind of thing, you gotta help that one out. But dead to me. Is this like wonderfully interesting show where I've read talk to some people say, but I don't know what it is. Is it a comedy? Is it a drama? And I keep saying what's life, right? Yeah, yes. All of those things. But so that I don't get in major trouble. Okay. You set up, what did to me is, we jokingly call it a trauma D, because Trump so that they go through. And it's about these two people myself and Christina Applegate, who meet at a grief group and become unlikely friends. I'm very free spirited sort of optimistic person and she's very guarded angry widow, and, and we've both done through tremendous loss. But we both have secrets that were keeping and, and in major complications in our characters that make it interesting. And, and so it sort of unraveled from there. But the thing that I loved about. It as you can't define the tone of the show or the Jon Rao of the show. It doesn't really fit in a box, so shimmy ends where I go, what I know that I love that. There is a suspense element to it that it wasn't just these two characters to, to females that you could kind of inner change your line. They're very separate very defined characters that sort of lock in on this intimate relationship. But then it's a character story. But it's also that a lot of plot. So that, you know, twists and turns, and I can barely talk about it because everything is a spoiler. Have you ever said the phrase, the title of this any other human in your life? You're dead to me. No, no. I have. Yes. I know it's, it's a good one, though is it's, it's tough somebody's dead to somebody. That's while you're still living. Of you. Women in this show have many reasons six. Yes. Absolutely. To absolutely no careful. I was Hank, you I very much appreciate, well, you basically, and Christina Applegate r. The controlling forces of this show. You know, you could just say, hey. I didn't like episode four improve at USA. Know how diva esque. Or she actually where near not just in general, which is nice is something we actually get along about. I think for big team players. So that was really fun and important to me going into the project because you, you work if you were going to series, you work with people for a long time. So I wanted to be sure that I really enjoyed the people I worked with, and she's amazing, Liz Feldman. Who's the creator in the show. Runner is incredible. Her mind is incredible. Her is incredible her heart is in is, is genuine, she's a wonderful person. And so a she, it's her vision and her bay. We have brilliant writers and staff and everything, but really choose at the head of it all. And it's very easy to trust her. So we just sort of give you know, ju- given before they had never met really look that in one way. It's very right for the series. Yeah. Yeah. 'cause you don't. Yeah, but there's such an easy -ness of between the two of you there. Is and I was so grateful, because it just happens or at dozens and the first time we met, we both were signed on to do it. And we had lunch with Liz, and Jessica, Alba motor, our producers who we both know we both worked with the different movies, and they both said, you know, you guys are gonna love each other, and we met, you know, people say that often, and then you meet somebody, like, okay, you know, it takes awhile to get to know somebody, but we really instantly felt like we knew each other and, and it's been very, very easy to be with her and to, to do this with her and, and she really has my back and I have her, so it's, it's a wonderfully worked beautifully. I couldn't be more

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