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Create havoc in Hong Kong Chinese state media said, after mass protests in the territory on Sunday, hundreds of thousands of people rallied against a proposal critics could let China target political opponents in Hong Kong clashes later erupted between hundreds of demonstrators and police. The government said plans will go ahead for the second reading of the extradition Bill on Wednesday. Now, the organizers claiming that a million people took part in the March. Police put the figure at about a quarter of a million. If the estimate of one million is correct. It would make it the largest demo in Hong Kong since the territory was handed over to China by the British in nineteen. Ninety-seven Agnes Chow was one of those marching. She told the BBC that the rally mopped turning point for activism in Hong Kong. Many people were very angry and, and they came out because they want to protect our home. I could say that we are actually creating a historic moments, I believe that. Which this protest, but somehow changed some of the political atmosphere of Hong Kong. These protests are now Hong Kong's leader, carry lamb says she was behind the Bill. Not beijing. Is that true? A question for professor willy Lam expert on Chinese politics, the center for Chinese studies at the Chinese university of Hong Kong. Well, definitely it is an order coming from Beijing, and with short this, because the politburo standing committee, which is the highest ruling council in China came out, Saudi to support this tradition Bill and plus other more junior ministers also came out the Representative office from Beijing. Hong Kong has also been tied. The calling up pro establishment pro Beijing, members of the legislature asking them to guess, to this extradition bills that this is an initiative coming from. Beijing is just that Harry them is seen as very much a student shot Beijing. So she will do whatever Beijing, ask for to do people are oversleep, pretty concerned, as you can see from the protests. But what about specifically what really bothers them? Well, this time it's different because we have seen protesters up to one median guarding the Nice's coming from disparate sectors of society, including the traditional pro establishment business community while this speakers Hong Kong businessman, have a long tradition of doing business with counterparts in China and very often bribery and other less usually accepted ways of doing business has happy news in the past two decades. So this people are traded. They might be held hostage by what they have done it before, which was questioned the practice the use of advantage and bribes and so far for one day they might be held account and be sent back to China. So that is a confluence of interest and support gains. They saw coming from different sectors of society. You think that nevertheless, despite the protests, the law will be pushed through? What happened early letter? Remember that changed presidency paint kindle power less than seven years ago. He has been. Squeezing Hong Kong, one, country principle has been trumping, two systems, Hong Kong's hydrographer on me has been squeezed, and moreover presidency in paying ultra nationalist, and he pretty much lumps together policy towards Hong Kong and those tours Taiwan province in John this time. He is intimidating the public in Taiwan. That Beijing is tough to us. Reunification policy towards Taiwan toll soul to be seen us having succumbed to, to public opinion in Hong Kong would set, the example for Taiwan. So there's no question that Beijing would go ahead with this, and within Hong Kong, seventy Memela GIS HR. The Carolina administration has a solid majority. So they're no difficulty ramming through the legislation despite overwhelming opposition from the great majority of Hong Kong people. These are professor William from the Chinese university

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