525 - Nutrition Tips for New College Grads


Pushing Hello and welcome. To the nutrition diva podcast. I'm your host, Monica reindel. And today, I have a special episode with some tips for new grads. Today's episode is supported by Liverpool Los Angeles, offering premium denim for under one hundred dollars. No matter your body type or shape, you will comfortable in Liverpool jeans. They have the perfect amount of stretch adapting to your body, but also keeping their shape all day and Liverpool also offers a broad selection of trousers tops, blazers jackets, great colors and styles. Get twenty five percents off your purchase when you use the code diva twenty-five at Liverpool jeans dot com that's Liverpool jeans dot com with the code diva twenty five. It's may and that means that a whole bunch of you just graduated from college. Congratulations. Now, whether you're going to be starting a new job or going on to grad school heading overseas or even moving back in with mom and dad, this is a great opportunity to establish some healthy, new routines and habits and this week. I have some tips. For new grads on how to start this new chapter of your life on the right foot? Even if time money and space are tight step one is to set up a healthy kitchen. You certainly don't need a kitchen full of expensive appliances and high end cookware in order to make healthy meals in terms of cookware start with just a couple of saucepans one medium sized and one large and eight to ten inch Skillet preferably one that can go in the oven or under the broiler a big mixing bowl, which also doubles as a salad bowl a baking dish like the one your mom uses for lasagna and a larger. AM d- baking sheet, that's pretty much all you need. Now. My desert island list of essential cooking implements would also include to sharp knives. One large one small a whisk a box greater a vegetable peeler, a stranger or a colander a pair of tongs and a rubber spatula step to now that you've got your kitchen equipped. It's time to stock that pantry. Here's some tips for grocery shopping like appro, I suggest starting in the produce section and choosing whatever's particularly fresh appealing, and or well priced, but as you make your selections think about what you might serve with each one of those, and whether you might need any additional items for those meals or recipes, for example, is kale on sale this week will why not throw together a hearty, kale and white bean soup. So now, be sure to grab an onion or two before you leave the produce section and make a mental note to pick up some white beans when you get to that I'll or. Or if you're as easily distracted as I am at the grocery store, you might wanna make an actual note on your shopping list. Now, there's nothing more demoralizing than buying a bunch of fresh food. And then having it spoil before you get to it. If you're only going to get to the grocery store once or twice a week, be sure to buy some ingredients with a longer shelf life and then plan to consume the short-lived stuff first fresh fish, for example, should ideally be eaten the day, you buy it. But frozen shrimp can be kept in the freezer until you need them berries, fresh herbs and delicate lettuces may only keep a day or two but apples citrus fruit winter squash. Any kind of frozen vegetables will keep much longer as you get more comfortable in the kitchen you'll quickly. Discover the wisdom of keeping certain basic items in stock all the time for example, having a couple of versatile cheeses on hand makes it easier to whip up last minute meals and particularly handy options include fettuccine to crumble. On salads mozzarella to sprinkle on homemade pizza, and maybe a brick of cheddar or Monterey, Jack for a quick case DEA or for Totta, the other foods that I always keep on hand include eggs, dried and canned beans, canned tomatoes, canned tuna or salmon chicken stock rice keen, while Bulger or any other kind of whole grain some pasta olive oil balsamic vinegar when I use the last of any one of those immediately put it on my list to by the next time. I met the store you would be amazed at how many different meals can be concocted out of this shortlist of Staples. Plus some fresh vegetables now before we go onto steps three and four award from this week's sponsors. I wanna tell you about another podcast. I think you'll really like it's called savvy psychologist every week. Dr Ellen Hendrickson shares evidence based research to help you get through life's challenges. Just like my show it's short and sweet full of. Article tips that you can take with you. There are great episodes that answer questions, you might have wondered about like, why do we often feel so much better when we get out of the house and into nature, and when we feel disappointed and discouraged by things in our lives. Like, for instance, underperforming on our goals. What's the best way to deal with that? And how can you tell whether you should keep

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