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I've learned since earning a name for myself on linked tandem, picking up that linked Tim top voice award. He's never have all your eggs in one basket. And don't rely on a game where you're playing by somebody else's rules on their playground because they control that pay to play model, and they can turn that type of any moment and start charging you to make your voice heard amongst following that you've created now when Lincoln and the algorithms changed like could have been finished, but creating by own platform, the I ruin was possibly the best decision. I ever made. And of course, you build up your own Email list. An over the is obscene this grow more and more because publishes did give away there. Inventory over to Facebook, and many of them paid a very heavy price for doing that. Because ultimately Facebook gets revenue from user engagement, and the publisher they don't own or control that distribution method, and in response to realizing that they've been taken advantage of over the years by these walled gardens with now beginning to witness to Rene sons of Email for publishes publishers have realized that they have locked in channel that they own. That's right Email and now Email newsletter is all acting as a bulwark against Facebook and their ilk. So buckle up and hold on tight. So I can be meal is all the way to New York. So we can speak wave corral Cooper, s three P global marketing at live in ten who's going to talk about how publishers are fighting against those wall gardens with Email. Sequel welcome to the show corral. Kenny tell that listeners about who you are. And what you do. Yes. Thanks for for having me on the on the podcast by names. Caro- cooper. I am currently the senior vice president of global marketing and a Martin company called live in tent with the company now for little four and a half years and various roles from account management proc marketing. And now a heading up all of marketing prior to live and ten is. I pretty much grew up. I would say on the publisher side of our industry. That's where I had, you know, most of my professional development growth, if you will and more specifically at a local news publisher of call advanced digital where I was there for almost eight years running at operations and platform, strategies and. I guess as a as a side note, a co a partner of mine in the space is name is Eric Rickett in he worked for a company called inner markets, a good friend of mine in space. He and I started a podcast about a year ago called the minority report podcast. And essentially what that podcast is is. It's a way for us to sort of create a platform to allow people of color women. People have diverse backgrounds within the marketing advertising space to tell their story. Right. So the podcast is less about sort of the day to day of advertising marketing, but more about getting to know people on a personal level. So, you know, talking about their background their upbringing, their culture, their views on diversity and inclusion in space so on and so forth and we've been doing that for about a year, which has been a really cool experience for me. Filo putt cast him. I'm gonna have to gang bail. My best behavior. Now. Despite being a full of IT guy. I wanted to read techies that puts people before technology, and that is one of the reasons that put you guys Amar radio is because you describe yourself as a people base marketing tech company, so keep telling listeners a little bit more about live in ten and how you're changing the way brands and publishes actually think about Email now. Yes, sure. So the company lying Ted we've been around for a little over ten years. Actually last month was our our tenure bursary, and essentially we started out as helping publishers solve the ability to deliver ads within Email, newsletters, because there really wasn't an efficient way to dynamically deliver and Prussian campaigns within with an Email, newsletters. And so over the course of I would say ten years here, we built up this massive ecosystem within easy. L, newsletters, where now we work with over twenty five hundred of polishes of brands to help them to help them acquire retain monetize their audience within Email newsletters in. It's it's everyone from companies like New York Times Meredith in Conde nast to you know, other brands like WalMart, Wayfair overstock, all of those types of companies of work with us to to to get help acquire retain, a monetize their audience of within Email, newsletters, you know, with that said, I think one of the unique while not not that I think I know one of the unique things about us is that everything that we do in terms of delivering advertising marketing messages, and helping our customers really understand more about their audience is connected to the Email address. Right ORs, we refer to the Email. Hash which is a privacy compliant way of looking at Email addresses. Right. So when you think about targeting today on the web, everything revolves around the cookie, riot weather, first party or third party, cook everything revolves around a cookie, but for us, it's it's the Email address in when you think about that. Right. When you think about a user in their Email address, and the value that provides in terms of helping to identify people, right? It's your Email addresses pretty much, your your gateway your passport to the internet. There isn't much you can do on the internet without it. Ryan you use it to log in the social you use it to buy something you use it to sign up for for something. Right. You ended at it's yours too personal. You don't share it with anyone else in your Email address is what you really have had a, you know, or maintain I guess she should say for everything that you do on the internet. And so we think about. What's tied to that? And how personal is. And when you think about sort of Email environment, you have to be one hundred percent law in because the Email address is tied to us in individual. It's it's fraud free and people that sign up for Email, newsletters, usually a publisher our brands most engaged audience. Right. And so we really feel like we sit at that sort of intersection between advertising and marketing technology in really cool space where you know, the Email address we think is the sort of a future of digital advertising. Now for the as of coast, publishers have given much of that inventory over to companies such as Facebook as a result of paint, a pretty heavy price for not because of course, Facebook six revenue from us engagement and publishes don't actually own or control the distribution in those pay to play kind of muddles. So in response to realizing that might be taken. On H all bodies will go it just say that we're witnessing the renaissance of Email for publishers. But can you set the scene and tell me about the scale of the problem in an what you're saying that? Yeah. The the problem is a is a is a massive one from the standpoint of you know, if if for for publishers for brands to survive moving forward, they have to understand more and more about their audience. Right. And you're right. Unfortunately, a publisher's given away that information to Facebook to Google to other wall gardens of for a number of years. It was interesting that we are seeing here. Live in tent is more volunteers. Now coming back to us sort of waking up to the fact that you know, they need to figure out a first party audience strategy in a, you know, let's just call it a cookie less world, right? Because I think you know, with everything from IT p a two point oh to all the privacy rules and regulations to some of what a Google just recently announced that the cookie is going to slowly, but surely sort of diminish over time. And if you are a major publisher, right? You have to think about our ability to continue to grow audience, right? Not necessarily traffic traffic is important. But when I look at traffic, you know, you can come and go, that's traffic. But in audience is court, your business, your audience are most engaged users your audiences who you know, the most about so that you can make the best decisions for how you want to have conversations with them in in order to grill audience. Right Email still sits at the core of it for for all things that I just mentioned in in the in the last response to you. And so more more of a loser. Now trying to figure out how can they a leverage the power of Email, Email, newsletters, and and the Email address to grow their audience. So

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