South Africans Head to the Polls for 6th General Election Since 1994


I must go to Africa where voting has just begun in what's being billed as these six general elections since the end of apartheid. So you could say the six proper election and since nineteen ninety four the ANC has of course, being Impala predictions. See that continuing with president Rama poses saying vote for his party is a vote to clean up his party and the much publicized scandals and corruption in the ANC in recent years with millions of young voters not registering as we reporting last week. Maybe that's the way that discontent is expressed as much as in a vote for the Democratic Alliance. The official opposition all the economic freedom fighters, the BBC Schengen yoga is among voters and joins us. Now, tell us what you Washington. I'm in an area called Norwood, which is between the central Johannesburg the central business district and how tin which is one of the most affluent areas in this country there about one hundred people that in line waiting to vote. The polling station here hasn't opened it spoke to some of them who say that they are excited to vote all of them seem to know who they going to vote for this is a crucial election in we get that since some would argue the most fiercely contested, and there's a record number of parties at the national level. It's jumped from twenty nine in the last elections to forty eight today, but they all three major political parties ruling ANC, the if and the DA and just to unpack some of the issues around these elections, I'm joined by a political analyst kalani due. Bam. Shoot. The ANC be considered it being in power for the last twenty five years you've seen the the number of votes that they've received juice over the last decrease over the next couple of yesterday be worried look ANC just like in me liberation movement enough. They tend to be arrogant because they do believe that the people at in-depth, they all the people and people old them for now. The only hour that they have is the paradigm shift in our society because some of these indicating society is a society that says now, we are not long indefinite. We are not I have debts to you for to have done in the past in terms of liberating us and now South Africans. I stepped into chart the way forward. And so I think it catching the pitching that says South Africa has been the berated by the ANC style. Nothing to fall in the name Cotin is imaging as you can see he's a new party as. What is the DA's is kind of relatively new patterns in terms of his composition? And so I think this is the most important election because he is a

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