Police tow No. 2 leader of Venezuela congress to jail in car

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A senior opposition politician has been detained in Venezuela by intelligence agents, NPR's Phillips, reas reports the rest is prompting an outcry against the government of nNcholas Maduro had cousin, but I know was inside his car when he was taken away. He's Feis president Venezuela's opposition controlled national assembly intelligence agents, used a tow truck to drag his vehicle to the headquarters and cacus with you inside it his detention is further evidence that maddow's raising pressure on the opposition after failed attempts by its leader Guido to trigger a military uprising last week. The government accuses him of being involved in that attempted uprising so far were held back from arresting guava himself knowing this would lead to a huge international backlash. Why doses and Parana has been kidnapped as part of an effort by Modesto to shut down the national assembly

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