Green, Warriors beat Blazers for 3-0 lead in West finals


Curry. Pulls up three. Their largest lead of the series, trailblazers would lead by thirteen at half, but a huge third-quarter for Golden State. They kept poor get onto the fourth quarter lead by sets older brother. Hurry weaves into the front court circles back to the right wing against his brother clear. It out looney comes out high to set the screen goes the other way in for the tunnel ram lay today Steph Tori with thirty four three Golden State up a dozen their largest lead of the game. Steph curry would finish with the game. I thirty six the warriors rally again to beat the blazers this time a one ten ninety nine final. Golden State of three nothing series lead now for a post game extra and Amine, PJ Carlesimo called the game on ESPN radio one to ninety nine Golden State over Portland in comeback fashion once again in game three they come back from eighteen down in the second quarter. They were down thirteen at half time. And just like in game two they come all the way back in other warriors have a commanding three OSA. His lead in the conference final. I mean, there's so many players playing well for this team. I really believe at Golden State doesn't get credit for how good a defensive team. They are what they didn't third quarter. They just refused to let Damian Lillard C, J McCollum get a good look at the basket. They double team. They trapped him. They harassed him. And then when they turn them over came up with the defensive rebound, Draymond green was leading the fast break as he did all night and just ran right back down to blazers throats seventeen eighteen point lead doesn't matter consecutive games. When you defend the way they defended in the second half. And when you share the ball the way they do and get the contributions. They got from their bench to good. Let's talk about two things. Let's start with dream on green. And then let's talk about that bench. Draymond green had a triple double with two minutes to go in the third quarter. That's what Golden State ended up taking its first lead of this game after trailing by eighteen dream on green is playing his best basketball of the season right now. And he continues to do it in the biggest game. Averaging double double in points, and rebounds becomes close in cysts every night tonight he got twelve assists on top of that, but four steals A-block shot, and he sets the tone for this team when they were struggling in the first half to stay in the game him, pushing the ball created all the fast break opportunities in the second half he got a lot of help at one point. It was twenty two eight bench points in favor of Portland wrote Golden State spent just in the second half just jumped all over them and it wasn't just with the offense combined looney was excellent McKay defensively Shaun Livingston as always Jordan bell Quinn. Cook Jonas Gerardo. I mean, Steve Kerr's keeps throwing fresh bodies at them and one after the other. They all contribute, there just weren't enough players even come close to matching that for the Portland trailblazers and for a fourth consecutive playoff game. Steph curry has thirty plus points head that huge performance in the second half against Houston in game six, and he's been rock solid. And beyond in this series. All part of a one ten to ninety nine Golden State victory in game

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