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Can You Lactate from Areas Outside Your Breasts?



When we started this show I had read a lot of true crime. I thought I knew what I was getting into. But I wasn't prepared to stop sleeping, and for those all too real monsters. Visit me in my nightmares. From iheartradio and ten or foot. TV monster presents insomniac listen and subscribe to monster presents insomniac at apple podcasts on iheartradio app or ever. You listen to podcasts. Welcome to brain stuff a production of I heart radio. Hey, brain stuff. Lauren Vogel von here, pregnancy and motherhood are two of the most challenging experiences life can throw at a person, and while neither is ever easy, you need complications. Could make the inherently tough situations exponentially tougher case in point a twenty nine year old woman in Austria, who developed a super rare case of topic breast tissue, the caused her to lactate from an unexpected area. Her vulva confused. It's safe to assume the woman experiencing, it was to it all started soon after she gave birth to her second child, a severe pain developed in the right side of her vulva, which doctors assumed was related to the sutures should received after the birth. They figured her pain, and excessive swelling do to an abscess, but there was another odd symptom that didn't quite line up with their theory, a milky white fluid was being released from the area. It turns out the woman had experienced similar symptoms after the birth of her first child. And when doctors performed an ultrasound, the answer became clear, there was. Tissue growing on her vulva, believe it or not. This is a real condition that can happen to anyone, albeit, it doesn't happen. Very often topic breast tissue, also known as a sensory breast tissue is breast tissue that develops anywhere outside the breasts and can be found about six percent of the population ectopic simply means occurring in an abnormal place, or position, according to a report published in the journal, obstetrics gynecology, which detailed the case of the woman mentioned above, quote topic, breast tissue, defined as memory glands located outside of the breast arises from remnants of the embryonic milk line or memory ridge. Let's break that down all memos including humans develop a mandatory ridge as embryos. This is the area where nipples form and wear mammary glands and breast tissue develop during puberty for some surprisingly, though, breast tissue, and nipples can actually develop anywhere along the milk line, which runs from the armpits to the groin on both sides of the body, if you've ever heard of someone having a third nipple like. Chandler. Bing's not been on the show friends at, at breast tissue is the cause this sort of situation is rare but it happens, and it's not often even discovered until problems arise like in the case of the Austrian mom in her case, the swelling and pain was result of a condition called galactic stasis, which means milk backs up causes pain. It turns out the women's stitches were covering an expiratory duct. So the milk really had nowhere to go once doctors removed, the sutures her paint, immediately went away and the swelling and milk discharged from the vulva gradually diminished. Over the next two weeks. She's been able to breastfeed normally for the time being, but doctors say they may have to consider removing the tissue in the future while there's no standard treatment required for asymmetric topic breast tissue. It is possible for it to become cancerous, so surveillance. Individual removal may be necessary. The moral of the story, get to know, the potential weirdnesses of the human body and don't be afraid to raise concerns with your doctor, if any of that potential is realized. Today's episode was it by Michelle constant now ski and produced by Tyler clang brain stuff is a production of iheartradio's, how stuff works for more in this amounts of other unusual topics. Visit our home planet has stuff works dot com and for more podcasts from iheartradio was, I heart radio app, apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. Today's episode is brought to you by the podcast food, three sixty host Mark Murphy's liberty chef and restaurant toward with help from his friends. The restaurant industry takes three sixty look at the world of food history science and culture tuned into food three sixty with new episodes. Every Friday you could listen and subscribe on apple podcasts I heart radio app or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Can You Lactate from Areas Outside Your Breasts?

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