Curtis Flowers wins appeal at U.S. Supreme Court

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The US supreme court on Friday reaffirmed rule against racial bias in jury selection. Voting seven to two to overturn the murder conviction of a black defendant in Mississippi. The Wall Street Journal's Jess braven has more details. Case involves in Curtis flowers, this was his six trial before he was ultimately convicted and sentenced to death for these murders. The Wavell supreme court looked at it was a really that talent. You the experience since the nineteen Ninety-six crime. How over the course of that time over the course of six trials forty one out of forty three African Americans who are in the jury pools over that time were removed by the prosecutor, and that there were many, many, many indications in the record that the prosecutor and it was the same prosecutor in all six trials Doug Evans, the local prosecutor elected d a down there had been going out of his way to get black people off that jury and had asked questions of potential black jurors that he didn't ask of similarly situated if you will potential white drawers the jury that ultimately convicted curse flowers had on it eleven whites and one black and a town that is about fifty five percent. Black forty five percent white brave and says the court acknowledged it was not breaking new legal ground. But reaffirming its commitment to removing racial bias from the criminal Justice system. The district attorney. Ernie and Mississippi will now decide whether to retry flowers.

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