How will the European Parliament election play out in the United Kingdom?


Gregory Copley the editor and publisher of defense and foreign affairs is an Australian observing the squabbles. In London over Brexit, more than that, the ability of democracy, parliamentary democracies such as Great Britain to transform itself in the face of obstacles, the story. So far says that the Prime Minister Theresa may is extremely unpopular because of our inability to convince a majority of her own party to endorse her Brexit plan leaving the EU in adequate time the final vote is now delayed until the end of October of this year. But that opens up lots of maneuvering in Great Britain futures since we've all agreed. According to the economists that Theresa May will not be the. Premier in two twenty twenty Gregory very good evening to you. I know that complicating all this for American voters because after all every two years or four years we've vote for this party or that party, very fixed. But there's another election coming up an election for the European Union that introduces a wildcard into the British parliamentary system, what is the Brexit party? Where did it come from? Why is it suddenly popular? Good evening to you. Good evening. John bell. It is interesting elections was forthwith kinds of probabilities and possibilities. But the European Union the European parliament elections coming up this month and actually Britain was not due to contest those elections again because it it should have withdrawn from from the European Union by the state the fact that the the British parliament agreed with the European Union to delay the British until October amid the that the UK head to once again contest, you opinion, European parliamentary elections. So the Brexit potty, which we knew was in the wings because because it was announced in January that that it would be formed in the event that that they record it, neca. And it was it was announced Lasi at the behest. All Nigel Farraj who had established and run the potty United Kingdom into independence potty. Now. He'd lift you Kip because it's not the become a haven for all of the extremists. If you like who opposed to to the present government, but so Nigel left that once it wants, the it became clear that Britain would have a referendum on on the withdrawal from the European Union Nigel tell me a couple of years ago that if Britain didn't exit on schedule made promise to. He would get back into politics. Pullman new poppy and go to the jugular if you like against the existing British potties. So the job of the Brexit potty is to contest the the may parliamentary European parliamentary elections right now. Brexit' body looks like it's going to take about thirty percent of the British fights for those British say to that that's way ahead of presentable Leiva, which which has been looks like it will take about twenty one percent of the votes conservative. The county ruling potty take about thirteen percent of the vote the Liberal Democrats ten to the green party nine percent. And and so on so basically you've got a wreck potty which from to to now has. Closed itself to to gather a huge following on much in mind of the beginning of may, actually, the the Brexit potty launch website and invited membership within two days. Some eighty five thousand people to join the party at twenty five pounds a head. So that raised about two point eight million dollars than an anonymous data put in another hundred thousand pounds, and then one of the conservative party biggest diners cannon city would not support the conservatives anymore and gave an immediate two hundred thousand pounds about you know, close to three hundred to two hundred eighty thousand so sixty two hundred sixty thousand US dollars. So now, we've got this party which is getting a lot of fund. It's got candidates across the board. It's registered as a British political party. So it can can contest elections across the United Kingdom. This is this is very significant because when the elections take place, and if as we expect the vixen potty will take the bulk of the of the British in the European parliament, then Farraj will tell us if it's too domestic creating Brexit. So therefore, the Brexit party is not an end in itself because natural Farraj does not believe in the European Union, nor does he believe that Britain. Will Britain's future is in your opinion. He's running for parliament, he well, he just he discourages a Britain to pay attention to in future, the European Union parliament, he's and and the way to interpret then this than is that he's setting up himself as a power in the British parliament. But he's not going to have a seat there. So how did he go from doing very well in the headline? Lines for the parliamentary vote in Brussels to doing very well in the the next election for Britain. Well, obviously win the next election takes place. The Brexit potty as registered Patty cannon will field candidates that already. They polling for a forthcoming election shipping, it takes place within the next year or so which is quite likely would would put the Brexit potty as one if the most significant hottie in Westminster, and it could pull McCullough's and govern paps with the Tories the rump of the Tory potty, but we have to wait and see that makes you could continue to gain momentum. I think that stayed will have to obviously lay out a comprehensive program of a policies. It may need actually also a change its name. So that it. Doesn't look like a one note when the song. And I think that's quite within the Cavs. But right now, not you'll prize wants to galvanize the potty around the immediate objective of saving Britain from being lost into the into the European Union forever, which is basically the alternative which MRs may. And Jeremy Cohen, the leader of the labour party, maybe taking now the vote is not gonna be enough Taybeh to determine what the Britain's gonna do. It's gonna be in June. This is going to be the fourth time. This is my his taken to parliament proposal to leave the European Union with the deal, which means luck. It's a into long-term trade deals with or a customs union of a sewed with European Union. Jeremy Cohen wanted to keep Britain in the European Union as a member of a customs union, which would preclude Britain from creating trade deals with the United States, Canada, India, Australia, and the like which which is. The logical step. So what what we want to see from from Nigel Farraj is if he tackles that he would want to see Britain withdrawal without a deal. So that it's free to create trade deals with all of its great trading partners. Greg the Brexit party. I understand it's in Susie Azam that's responding to a new way forward. But do we know who it's a -tracting is it attracting Tories is it attracting the liberals is that attack attracting the breakaway labor? It's attracting people from all of those parties all of the major parties the the old left, right? I is not playing as well as it. Once did the the the labor and Britain, nor the conservatives actually seemed to stand for what they used to stand for or the reality may be that those positions within the British political spectrum on a longer balance. So so essentially, we are seeing a break up traditional politics in Britain. The same way as we we've seen it in in in France. But of course, the French have a greater tendency to move politically to create new potties lousy because of the interruption of World War Two which left them in a position where they they rebuild from scratch getting rid of the rump of the labor party, the conservative party, and the Liberal Democrats is gonna be the difficult thing. But if Brexit body comes in as a sizable force, then I think we'll see even more defections going along down the line. And maybe even a Benchley merger of whatever the new Brexit. Potty calls it self and the conservatives I'm speaking with Greg Copley way are speculating about possible turns in the road for Great Britain because of the paralysis that's Gregory that Greg uses that word in the headlines first analysis paralysis of the British parlor. Lamentably system

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