Uber drivers are contractors, not employees, U.S. labor agency says


Meeting. Just got a lot harder for gig workers such as Uber drivers to unionize as KCBS reporter, Holly explains and the National Labor Relations board has decided that those workers are not employee's. So they are not protected. Under federal labor law. This is the second Trump administration agency to take this position. The Labor Department said something similar not long ago. William Gould is a Stanford America's law professor and former chair of the NFL RV independent contractor, you have virtually nothing you have no ability to we'll get into a union as in this case, you have no ability to have a minimum wage of restrictions on overtime the right to work co workers compensation in the right to be protected against discrimination all protections provided under federal law, which is why university of Illinois labor relations. Professor Michael ROY says gig workers need to press their case at the state and local level. But he admits it's a win for Uber to have to realize that they have a long term fight on their hands with Uber drivers. And interestingly, this particular ruling does not come out of San Francisco. It comes out of three be regional offices Saint Louis Chicago. Ago and Brooklyn, and what that signifies to me is that drivers are organized, and they are impatient across the country. It's it's not just a west coast

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