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I understand. There are ways in which in which libra can can be relatively privacy protecting. They have pointed out that they would like to make this, a pseudonym ass- currency kind of like bitcoin, which is surprising and certainly positive to hear. But again, we need to worried about like what the validate is, are gaining, you know, from from running these these these validation notes. And we need to be worried about how they can sort of chart payments, and how they can potentially censor payments. So the world needs to be very focused on that, and hopefully, we can keep Facebook honest, and we can keep the lever project something that, that is a net positive for humanity. So I mean, she saw that they've been they are working with these other nonprofits. So could you see yours? You're the human rights foundation, working with them. We already work with Facebook as sort of, I guess, the mother entity and. I think our strategy has been over the years. We, we also work with Twitter who's. I guess what I'm getting at is the human rights fundation works, tech companies because our philosophy is, we would rather have them involved in this work than than not, like I want these companies to be listening to the stories of human rights activists into understanding the challenges that people face and oppressive governments. So in the same way that, like the Facebook policy team may come to our events and be involved in our work. Yes. We'd love for the libra policy team to also be there or the LeBron engineers to also be there, so they can understand some

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