Major automakers post higher May sales


We're waiting to hear today. If Renault of France wants to start merger negotiations with Fiat Chrysler, also some of the big automakers reported higher sales in may compared to a year earlier which surprised some forecasters given the slow start to the year. Here's marketplace's Jack Stewart in Mayfair Chrysler saw a two point one percent increase in car and truck sales and Toyota a three point two percent jump. Kristen check is from the center for. It's research may was better than we expected. But it's not all good news. She says the figures for other automakers onto strong. An overall sales still expected to be down for the year. We do have to play out the rest of the year to find out, and there's a lot of unknowns out there, some potential by didn't get the tax refunds. They were expecting others, a hearing reports about tariffs and consumers and companies wondering when they'll bite. And there's a leveling off of the strong sales the industry seen in the decade since the great recession says, Eric Lyman, chief industry analyst, truecar this is the natural cycle of things, but historically, the automotive industry has had a little difficulty with the plateauing and the slight downturn in that cycle, automakers built up production facilities global supply chains to meet high demand. Now all the uncertainty means they may have to figure out how to scale

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