Amazon's re:MARS: The Robots Changing the Future


Taste your way through Napa Valley, California with WSJ magazine and into Gari book this exclusive trip at Indy. Gari dot com slash WSJ magazine or call six four six seven eight zero eight three eight three. This is tech news briefing, im Tanya, boosters reporting from the newsroom in New York, coming up, we're going to re Mars, not to the planet again, at is an event hosted by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos that brought together the leading minds to advance a golden age of innovation recapping. I look at the robots changing the future after these tech headlines. The journal reports that new while way phones will not come with Facebook, Instagram or what's app Facebook, which owns popular apps including Instagram. And what's up is one of the many software makers whose apps come pre installed with wa phones Facebook is the latest company to restrict access to its products following the US blacklisting of the Chinese tech giant, follow dance. Trump's coverage for more at the journal at wsJcom apples plan to allow anonymous sign ins on mobile apps to protect users privacy is threatening to choke off data to companies including Facebook, and Google as both use the information to track users and sell ads based on their habits. When apple releases its new mobile operating system. This fall apps download it through Apple's app store. We'll have another alternative clicking on an apple icon to generate a random Email address this allows users to participate without revealing any personal information, apple notes that it will not use the new sign in future to profile users or their. Vity Norwood, it, log or keep a record of signing information. AT and T is discussing plans to package. H B O sister channel Cinemax and its vast Warner Brothers TV and movie library into a streaming service, costing between sixteen and seventeen dollars a month. The strategy is aimed at keeping the media giant competitive against lower priced offerings in a crowded crowded field. The new streaming service, which debuts in beta form later this year, essentially includes all of Warner, media's entertainment offerings and will stream its own new original content. According to the latest research, people who abandoned traditional cable TV packages said they're willing to pay for about six different services, which end up costing about thirty eight dollars a month. Coming up through Amazon's tinted glasses, a first glimpse into our robotic future. Capital. One knows life doesn't alert you about your credit card. That's why they've created Iino the Capital One assistant that catches things that might look wrong with your credit card, you know catches over tipping, duplicate, charges, or potential fraud. And then sends an alert sheer phone and helps you fix it. It's another way capital. One is watching after your money when we're not Capital One. What's in your wallet? See Capital, One dot com for details. The Amazon remorse conference took place in Las Vegas last week where you would find robotic arms holding TV monitors greeting attendees. There were also spider robots that grabbed plates of food, and if anyone needed a beer delivered there's a robot for that, as well, the Amazon AI conference was, but a glimpse into our robotic future. David limp, Amazon, senior vice president explains the meaning of the event title conferences, re Mars Mars stands for machine. Learning automation robotics and space. And we really think that these are four Willie exciting domains of science that are moving forward really fast. And we wanted to put together a conference that brought the best and brightest around those areas together to see if they could inspire each other. Some of the more notable emerging tech uses haptic gloves, and rich Walker of the shadow robot company was on hand to discuss the. I ever tactile telly robot. We go to pair of robo Hans with fingertips with the sensitive to the human control gloves with feedbacks touch things. We're doing this over a distance of mere inches, but you could run this over the false side of the whoa, you could put the robot and a juris place to do a job. You didn't want to do and rounding out the who's who of the event was perhaps, one of the pioneers of robotics in our homes. I robot famous for launching the robot vacuum cleaner over twenty years ago. The company showed off new floor, mopping and lawn mowing robots Colin angle, I robot CEO, and co founder talks more on the future of home robotics, we're here as part of the election. I robots smart home to show vision of what this is going to be. How do you make a home that sort of understands itself, and just kind of does the right thing as you live your life? And you know if you're cooking and make a mess. Say alexa. I robot back in the kitchen and, and it does the right thing that is it for this edition of tech news briefing for more podcast head to wsJcom slash podcast for the Wall Street Journal reporting from the newsroom in New York, I'm Tanya boosters. Thanks for listening.

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