Is Telsa's Solar Business in Trouble?



Some most people know tesla for the cars, right? They have electric cars the model S, which is beautiful the model three which is beautiful. All these cars are awesome. But tesla also has a solar energy business, and they make solar panels and. Beca batteries things like that. They have a whole other energy business going on. Now. Tesla in the early months of twenty nineteen it's kind of two Iraqi start, and it was a bad first quarter for tesla solar energy business and their installations of the solar panels and solar excessive he's have plunged in the solar roof timetable has been pushed back again. So the things that they wanted to accomplish in the first quarter of this year while there's some snags in there can have to work on things in the future to get those out by summer, and maybe fall of this year. So tesla makes traditional solar panels for traditional solar rooftop installations and right now it's kind of in a slump, but Musk's said that the second half of this year, there's going to be a rebound in sales of solar panels and its solar roof. It's getting closer to coming. Market in the celery is pretty amazing. So look up at any house in your neighborhood and busy shingles? Right. You see the things on top of the roof. Singles and alone Musk's. Tesla company the their solar panels are going to look exactly like those the gonna look like shingles. And they're going to be tapa houses. No one's gonna know that you have solar roof in the future. And this is great news for everybody who doesn't want an eyesore and the roof, traditional solar panels giant. They take up your whole roof. The Blackie the reflective and just the look of them is weird. Most traditional homes don't have solar panels on them in part of it's because the cost the upfront cost of solar panels. But also the way that they look so tesla Sola Ruth is going to be trying to fix that problem. The look problem, and is cool as this solar roof is while they need money to make it in with this. Slump in sales in the first quarter of this year. Well, they don't have a ton of money to put towards the solar roofs, but Elon Musk is he's up to mystic about it. He said, I was pretty impressed with the team. We are looking forward to scaling that up significantly to the balance of this year in next so Ilan musk is definitely looking forward to scaling up production of the normal solar roofs, are solar panels and also making money from them to fund the solar

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