Senators Try AGAIN to Solve Nuclear Waste Debacle


Has been more than a decade since the united states government was supposed to begin moving spent nuclear fuel that has been piling up at dozens of commercial reactors around the entry to a repository in the nevada desert the obama administration halted development of a proposed long-term storage site at yucca mountain nevada and the federal government is no closer to finding a solution with what to do with a high level waste resistance is strong in the west including nevada and new mexico as well as texas as they face their own hurdles u._s. senator lisa murkowski chairwoman of the senate energy and natural resources committee said failure of the federal government to move ahead is costing taxpayers more than two million a day and the liabilities from leaving the waste where it is will only increase about eighty thousand metric tons of spent nuclear fuels generated by commercial reactors and stored around the nation according to the u._s. government accountability office that number continues to grow as nuclear power plants continue to operate

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