Ex-Stanford sailing coach avoids prison in U.S. college admissions scandal


Former Stanford sailing coach John van damore, the first person sentenced in the college, admissions bribery scheme apologized to its friends family. The sailing team and Stanford during the sentencing hearing, and the US district judge sentenced him to one day in prison deemed serve. Learn much for my mistake, and it will take those Ford in my life legal analyst. Stephen Clark says he was treated kindly by the court for two reasons. The first is that he did not personally gain from these illicit payments, but I think most important was his early acknowledgement of responsibility, and guilt, and his contrition, this case has exposed the lengths that some wealthy parents have gone to get their kids into top schools some bay area. Parents have admitted their responsibility Clark says judges look favorably upon defendants who acknowledge responsibility early case Laurie Laughlin on the other hand, who may be perceived as dragging her feet could still be facing a significant prison sentence. Meanwhile, Stanford says it is committed to learning from this deeply unfortunate episode Margie Schaefer,

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