U.S. catches heat for Women's World Cup goal celebrations


Seattle soccer star hope solo thinks the US women's team should tone down its World Cup scoring celebrations gonna desk Bill Swartz about that in a moment. But right now komo's Corwin Hake reports in the past solo herself has been called out for being a poor sport. Solo joins voices from around the world critical of how the US team comported itself during its thirteen nil. Thrashing of Thailand in World Cup play the team stage riotous celebrations following every goal. So low tells CBS this morning calls and fans can enjoy the game without having choreographed celebration. Tulu understands criticism of the team, sportsmanship may be viewed skeptically coming from the woman who wants called the Swedish national team cowards comments in the past of poor sportsmanship. But ultimately, I truly believe. Leave that we have to show so much class. Especially coming from the number one team in the world. The US women are again heavily favored when they take on chilly

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