Child abuse case against Chiefs' Tyreek Hill no longer active


NFL. Kansas City prosecutors no longer actively investigating a criminal case against chiefs wide receiver tyreek hill involving alleged injuries to his three year old son with more ESPN's field Yates, NFL, live with Suzy kolber, NFL, has previously said Suzie, that is not going to investigate Tari kills matter until it has been handled in terms of the legal process until that has fully played out and remember when this case was previously deactivated. DA said we do believe a crime has been committed, but we are not able to prove who or how it happened. Now, the crime is are the cases once again, no longer active in it would leave you to believe. That after that disturbing audio clip that was released which prompted a case to be reopened that they were once again, unable to decide or determine how this crime went down. It's a still do believe that something took place, which is why is a three year old boy with a broken arm, but they cannot prove who is responsible for this. So we're kind of back at the same spot knows you mentioned it is still being investigated by that child protective services in the NFL is now starting its own vesting Gatien. So it's possible that tyreek hill, even if he does not face criminal punishment could face punishment from the NFL, and we'll see what that means for status with the chiefs going to impact today's update on a time line. I think that the NFL given that we now have about five or six weeks before training camps, heat up has a natural window to continue to investigate into this matter. And as we know what the NFL Suzy even if fans clamor for clarity and teams as well by the start of the football season, if the NFL is not prepared to make what they believe is a full and final ruling. They'll continue to investigate. So it was much probably put a time line. Hey, we'll just be wrapped up by training camp. It might make sense logically, but it's hard to say, for sure. Tyreek hill has been barred from all chiefs team activities, pending the

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