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Modi plays Hindu nationalism card to seek re-election



Election has turned into an ideological battle pitting an inclusive vision of a multifaith nation against the view, the Hindu should have primacy. Justin sing discusses the tactics. Used by prime minister, Narendra Modi and his opponents with Amy Kazman and Stephanie Finley. Nine the band. Police some of John Lear he DACA gig it out on a here. Niane to Don downtown. Why you are. Thank you cut it out. I turn on a. Yeah. League in Wadsworth. Go again in the sun. Are your go go to med goose multi? Somebody's at speak. And the political temperature is adding to the intense heat prime minister, Narendra Modi has been crisscrossing the country giving fiery speeches and so as mR Modi's main rival Rahul Gandhi, the president of the opposition congress party, Amy, it's long and staggered election. But Mr. Modi is a tireless campaigner, what are the main issues? He has been raising at his rallies for prime minister Narendra Modi. This has been mainly an election focused on national security in his first prime ministerial election campaign in twenty fourteen he'd been very very focused on the economy, and he talked a lot about how he was going to accelerate economic growth and get a lot of jobs created to absorb young people trying to get into the workforce. But as economic track record has actually been really patchy. So it's not a very strong ground for him to campaign on but the showdown with Pakistan in February in response to a terror attack in Kashmir that. All India law missiles to an alleged terror training camp in Pakistan, really switched the tone nature of the campaign and diverted public attention away from 'economics to issues of national security, so Mody and the BJP have essentially been campaigning tirelessly on this idea that India is under threat that it faces grave external and even internal threats and that Mody is the strong leader that Indian needs to cope with these threats. These threats include the threat of terrorism from Pakistan. They include the threat of illegal immigration from India's neighbour Bangladesh. And then there is this insinuation that. India is also under threat from internal enemies ranging from India's Muslim minority to secular leftists and Naxalites and that old together the nation needs a strong leader to handle these challenges and threats and that Mody. Who is very much seen as a strong strongman is the leader that India needs to handle these challenges. Congress bodies talk campaigners around Gandhi and his sister Priyanka how does their campaign compared to Mr. Modi's, and what are their main arguments? Modena's definitely an absolutely relentless and tireless campaigner he's a natural campaigner one gets the feeling he probably really enjoys giving these speeches in front of these huge adoring cheering crowds. I'm not sure that Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the congress or a sister Priyanka who's been drafted in as a star campaigner share that love of campaigning that the prime minister has they have struggled. I think to find traction with voters they were on a strong ground in December. When there was a lot of focus on the poor performance of the economy rural distress. And I think their campaign strategy gotta be able to knock after the showdown with Pakistan and the conversation turned away from. The domestic economic issues, but they have been trying to focus on domestic economic issues. Modi's alleged mismanagement of the economy rural distress they've unveiled the scheme that is supposed to see seventy two thousand rupees given to every poor household a kind of a minimum income guarantee scheme that is intended to lift the poorest of the poor out of poverty. So they've been trying to focus on the economy and bring voter attention back away from these kind of ideals of nationalism and some threat to the very real issues of their own pocket books. The best care. Wrong, glenn. He has also been trying to really smear Modi's image with a lot of allegations that he's a thief in connection with a controversial arms deal. We don't know. Which of these issues has really found traction with the voters was the congress able to bring voters back away from the idea of we need a strong leader to defend us against these various enemies. There was real dissatisfaction with Mody on the ground among many voters who had voted for him in two thousand fourteen they were unhappy with his economic performance, and they were inclined to you. I think vote against him. At least some what we don't know. What will only be clear on may twenty third on vote. Counting day is which way they finally went rallies are just one way to reach out to voters. There are also colorful posters multimedia advertisements. And song videos to make a strong push. But social media has emerged as a new factor in these elections, Stephanie how political parties using social media, and what are the factors driving up? It's using this campaign. So in two thousand fourteen prime minister Modi had already emerged as the king of social media in India. And from that time his party has been laying the groundwork for a sophisticated political propaganda machine using social media, mostly using what's up and speaking to party officials. They've said that they want to target every voter over what's app, and it's with very specific messaging speaking to one former data analyst of the party, he said that voters are targeted based on class based on caste based on demographic information based on past voting history. So what we have here is a very big very targeted. And very coordinated campaign from the ruling party and the opposition party. Just doesn't have the resources, and they haven't been able to keep up.

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Modi plays Hindu nationalism card to seek re-election

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