Stopping Key Tech Exports To China Could Backfire, Researchers And Firms Say


Support for this podcast and the following message. Come from Google from Connecticut to California from Mississippi to Minnesota. Millions of businesses are using Google tools to grow online. Learn how Google is supporting businesses in your state at Google dot com slash economic impact. One of the most raw parts of the US rivalry with China involves the way that China has obtained US technology and this year, the United States will likely at new restrictions on the export of certain technologies a move that is mostly aimed at China. It is meant to help American companies. But it turns out it could also limit the ability of American firms to compete. Here's NPR's, Emily FANG. The cybersecurity from knack Affi known Fritz antivirus software is constantly monitoring the internet searching for the next big threat. The company's chief technology officer, Steve Grossman explains we actually have a billion sensors deployed around the world that allows us to. See new threats track where they go. Now McAfee is one thousand of American technology companies at the frontlines of a global tech rivalry between the US and China. Grossman says the Trump administration's plans to update export controls, which would restrict US companies from exporting sensitive technologies could give the bad guys the upper hand, they're going to use the best technology that they can get their hands on in order to create the most militias capabilities that would potentially impact our customers. Those controls are the most Embiid measures thus far aimed shutting down Chinese hackers and companies stealing technology to get ahead. That theft is a key sticking point and ongoing trade talks between Beijing and Washington. Resolve nearly one year trade war in November the administration sought comment on possible new expert controls for emerging and foundational technologies. Technologies cord cutting edge applications that concerns researchers such as JoAnne camman's. It just slows down science in general for all the people doing good and important discovery. Research Commons is executive director of ABC, gene. A biomedical nonprofit that supports research by sharing material like chromosomal DNA worldwide. She warns export controls could hurt. This kind of cooperation cutting the US off from global research community that would open the door to China to race ahead. DNA is a linear sequence of letters. Once. The letters are known anyone in the world could four money and time make any one of these things the new proposed controls could even restrict to universities and companies hire Aaron NS senior vice president of the US China business council explains how companies might have to be licensed to pass knowledge of technology to a foreign citizen. Not only is the product that they make covered by an export control. But the employees ease that they have would be covered by them as well. That's worrying for many tech companies such as those writing code and working on artificial intelligence Agena, JoAnne Kaman. German stresses that modern research almost always crosses international boundaries basic research, which is given rise, of course, to so many important discoveries that have driven all of the cures in the clinic. You know, all of that work is done collaboratively with scientists between countries instead cyber security analysts like new America's Sam sacks advocate, a small yard, high fence approach restricting the sale of specific technologies with military applications, but leaving everything else accessible because tools like export controls. These kinds of things were meant to be used as scalpels but not as blunt instruments sometime this summer. The US Commerce Department will release a second proposed export controls list. Four foundational technologies. American tech companies who submitted comments hope the Commerce Department will narrow down. What is restricted so far? They haven't heard back. Emily chang. NPR news.

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