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Because Melby had to go to the hospital for eyeball herpes. Oh, god. Oh, hearing it makes me sick. How do you. Don't ever been cancelled the whole tour, just that they just had to suspend the rehearsals, because Melby went temporarily blind in her right eye. How do you get herpes in your eyeballs? And I have to ask Dr hugs, how you got rid of? Studio. Melby went temporarily blind right eye her vision came back, and she returned to rehearsals. And it was confirmed that it was eyeball, herpes scary about that is. I don't think like a herpes coal. Saw cole. No. Yeah. There's different. Simplex is right. Yeah. So Herbie can be coleslaw, cold sore. Hold sore. Right. Yeah. And, and you can be spread to other like if the thing and your birthday and somebody has one of those can go do it can go. Okay. So somebody would have to spread it that way. But my point is there's no cure. So that means at any given time it could come back in. Why?

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