Broncos trade up to select Missouri QB Lock


Lock to over as Mizzou's QB one after five games of his freshman season. He started the next forty six leaving school with ninety nine career touchdown passes. A traditional pocket passer law has a big arm a big frame at six four to twenty five and his sneaky, good athlete. No one is more confident than him. Although we can get in trouble, trusting his arm too much. All right. So drew lock goes to the Broncos Johnny how long before he's the starter week one. He beats out he won't be. He won't beat out flacco, I don't think. But Joe flacco is having draft draft day remember to sort of case keenum case keenum goes the quarterbacks drafted he's at the Rams draft here golf the Redskins. Now the draft Wayne has this kind of Steve Bergische flacco last year they draft Lamar Jackson and other draft. Drew lock. Yeah. So I had said all along that the Broncos the Broncos staff spent a lot a lot of time with you lock senior bowl a lot of time with him. So I wasn't. I was surprised when I heard the Broncos were very very hot heavy after July, but they decided to trade down no fan number twenty and the they'd drew lock waiter, and they were able to get him back to back picks with don't riser. So they could move there by John Elway to get through locking the second round. And the thing is if if. Hits. But Johnny why get flacco in the first place. Why that's that's why I'm not a big fan of Joe flacco. I mean, I've said all along that if I if I'm running an offense I wanna quarterback that's going to be able to make some place when things break down because I know my offensive line isn't going to be able to to hold up every single every single play. I look our experiences are now. Is the Sean that's our experience. Now like we see that. I mean, everything is sort of jaded with the line. Play will ask you but chunk still make something's happening. If you haven't slot play. Well in Denver the record done done. So drew lock in is a pretty good f-. He's a great basketball player. In fact, he thought he was going to go play basketball in college. So drew locks and athlete that can make some things happen. A couple years ago. We saw that too degree against Texas in the academy. Sports and outdoors texts. He had a cut one of the best does I've ever seen any of these quarterbacks. Make he threw for a touchdown against Texas. And I still I could see standing outside right in line with what he threw it. And it was like sixty yards is beautiful parabolas. Right. Enhance observes Seaver running it for touchdowns. Like, whoa. I mean, it was nice. That's when you realize this guy's got some serious armed talent. Like Denver's great spot for

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