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Know i felt everything another thing i'm fucking jealousy people to people that could talk or getting a haircut i feel that i feel like if i talk it's gonna fuck my hara why 'cause i just feel like if i'm moving like my temples you're moving around really stay silent it's a lot of the time now i know my ball really well so it's like we do have a conversation clearly you're comfortable enough to fall asleep in get fucking late way to say some sexual stuff all right so all right so what will come back to that and it's like all right so i'm sitting chair the one hop in start carlin yeah so all the lights rahman yeah half naked just last night yeah so i am a mouth breather when i sleep yeah yeah my mouth open cyber deviated septum so i can't really you already here that at my nose i don't breeze well through my nose okay 'em so at some point my mouth young girl by mouth my sleep so yeah he went to take the towel off of my face ahah his index finger went into my mouth did

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