O.J. Simpson Joins Twitter Days After 25th Anniversary of Nicole Brown Simpson Murder


So there's a real OJ Simpson Twitter account surfaced over the weekend. And among some of the things he stayed. And he says he's got some things to straighten out. I started reading some of the comments he doesn't have a lot of fans supporting him out there, which I'm grateful for the people took to Twitter and we're commenting on the fact that he's a double murderer Kim, Goldman on Fox News channel, a lot of what Simpson has on this account is bizarre on sifting through it Simpson declares because apparently thinks there's this rumor out there, declares. He's not the father khloe Kardashian and he's got a little over half million followers. OJ wish them happy, fathers day. He's seventy one years old now. And of course, criminal court was acquitted of murdering Ron. And

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