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Senator Marco Rubio announcing this past that the border patrol is going to start moving five hundred migrants per month. Two two counties in Florida. Beginning next week. They're going to be released. Depending asylum here in unlawful. The rivals are overwhelming the system. I've just been informed. He said by Palm Beach sheriff starting next week. The border patrol will begin transporting five hundred migrants month from the southern border to Broward, and Palm Beach counties in Florida. They will be released into our communities. Where are they going to go? Now, the recently showed some photos out of mccowan. There in Texas, the border patrol station where you see the kids sleeping outside on the ground Wednesday. The Washington Post reporting of a two year old had died in Paso, the fourth death of a migrant was apprehended at the southeast border since December Broward county's mayor said this past day, the, the Trump administration will send two planes per week. With two hundred seventy migrants on board who will be placed in equal measure in those two counties. And I think he's kind of one of those sympathetic guys to the illegals. This is a humanitarian crisis will do everything possible to help these people. He says. Now, if the president is not gonna provide us with financial assistance to house and feed these people. Yes. My friends that that's your taxpayer dollars. Yeah. Broward county's mayors says well you bring about in. We want the taxpayers to house them and feed them. And if the tax payers, don't put up you're going to be creating a wool just have a big homeless encampment. Palm Beach county sheriff said he was notified of the plans by the Miami based office of the US border patrol that a total of one thousand people per month. Will be brought into the two counties from the Paso area. These immigrant, parents and children will be processed in both of these Florida counties, they'll be given a notice to appear in court. And then released into the community. The federal government is run out of space to process, the thousands who've been arriving at the border. Forcing them to fly migrants to border patrol facilities in other locations around the country that may have some room. They are typically processed released given a court date in a city where they plan to reside. Whether they may have other family members elsewhere in the country, once they're released nonprofit organizations in other cities in most cases have been stepping up trying to provide meals. Or a bus ticket to their ultimate destinations. That means anywhere in everywhere in the entire country.

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