With 'Avengers: Endgame,' Iron Man is now Platinum Man


I'm Kim masters, and this is Hollywood breakdown joining me as Matt belly of the Hollywood reporter and Matt as expected ventures endgame opened huge shattered all kinds of box office records and Robert Downey junior. Who arguably I guess I don't know how to frame deserves this kind of money, but he certainly was the key player launching this whole marvel universe with iron man, you know, an actor who had been perceived as washed up and troubled washed up certainly in commercial films. Wow. Has he ever taken the mantle with the series of marvel films? Right rubber Downey juniors decision to do ironman in two thousand eight will be looked back in Hollywood history. As one of the most lucrative decisions of all time. I mean, he made according to Holly reporter reporting more than seventy five million dollars on the previous avengers movie. He's now been in by my count seven of the. Twenty two marvel movies. He's done three iron man's. He's done for ventures. He's done Spiderman far from home, and captain America's civil war the money that he's made is all based on the fact that he was first in when they did their initial deal with Robert Downey junior to make iron man, they did not have him for subsequent sequels and spin offs and such. So he was able to renegotiate a unique deal that gives him a piece of the back end in Hollywood that is everything he is the only marvel actor who gets that. And they have been able to hold the line on all the other stars because of the benefit of Downey making iron such a big hit. So if you talk about whether he deserves the money, I I mean, it's all relative. But I always side on the side of the talent deserves it more than the shareholders of the Walt Disney company and they're doing fine to now. You know, it's not just the movies that Disney makes or makes on its own. They teamed up with. Sony Pictures because Sony has the rights to Spiderman going back to the days when marvel was just, you know, a little thing that wasn't really that big in the movie business, certainly they were big in the comics business, but they were licensing the character. So Sony has Spiderman, but of course, when you put iron man into a Spiderman movie that is a big deal. So in the two thousand seventeen movie Spiderman homecoming, which Sony teamed with marvel on because marble knows how to get these things, right? Robert Downey worked for three days and got five million dollars a day. I think probably that was a good investment for Sony and Disney. Absolutely. They relaunched the franchise which was considered dead at the time. And they now have a new sequel coming out this year that can go forward, and that is a Sony movie. They didn't have to partner with Disney on that one. So marvel is such a force in movies right now twenty two films in a row without a miss that. Is unheard of. And we're just getting started. If you talk to the leadership, it Disney, they're gonna pump these movies out forever. You know? What's funny? Just also as we look at the success of this thing is that Robert Downey did get in on the ground floor and marvel had a reputation for being incredibly cheap with talent. Otherwise and saying, you know, this is our crummy offer take it or leave it. But when you are the face of iron man is not like back in the day when Sony tried to get rid of Toby Maguire for a minute on Spiderman and replace them with Jake Jilin hall. They ultimately put him back in there. But it didn't seem to matter so much, but boy Robert Downey is iron man and looking at the box office overall. I mean, this thing is a rocket. It's opened in China, which wasn't a thing when this all started. And they've already grossed more than five hundred million dollars there, and that's just in China. If you look at these numbers one point two billion dollar opening weekend that comes from more than three hundred and fifty million dollars just in the US eight hundred and fifty overseas and this coming weekend could be the biggest second weekend in the history. Of hollywood. So whether it gets to that two point eight billion dollar plateau that is the record of all time James Cameron's avatar from two thousand nine it's yet to be determined. Whether it's going to get to those heights. I think it has a real chance, but unlike when avatar came out there's a lot of competition coming up in may and June. So we'll see that's Matt Melania to'real director of the Hollywood reporter. He joins me this Monday at one thirty on the business. I'm Kim masters, and this is the Hollywood breakdown.

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