'I Don't Do Cover-Ups': Trump Storms Out of Meeting with Democrats


Trending in the news that big face off between President Trump and the democratic leaders, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, again, just minutes after democratic leaders arrive at the White House for a scheduled meeting today on infrastructure, all the attending press were told. Hey, we're inviting you to the rose garden. Now no explanation as to why. Well, the mystery was soon solve turns out, President Trump was upset that the Democrats had had a meeting earlier that day to talk about impeaching him. So earlier this morning before his meeting with them off, they go, you know, he feels like stabbing him in the back or whatever. So he found out last night and had this sort of thing plan where he. He walked in and said, I'm out of here. So some sound now here's what happened. And why Trump says the investigations on him should end country. Companies are moving back in things are going well, and I said, let's have the meeting on infrastructure. We'll get that done easily. That's one of these e ones. And said of walk it in happily into a meeting. I walk into look at people that are just said that I was doing a cover up, I don't do cover up, you people know that probably better than anybody. And I was just looking at a list of some of the things that we just did more than two thousand five hundred subpoenas qualified for, and I let everybody talk, I let the White House counsel, speak for thirty hours thirty hours. I have nineteen special counsel lawyers forty FBI agents. I said, open it all up. Let them have whatever they want nearly five hundred search warrants think of that as search want to give you a search warrant before neither did I this was over five hundred search warrants and of the nineteen people that were heading up this investigation, or whatever you wanna call it with Bob Muller. They were contributors to the democrat party, most of them into Hillary Clinton. They hated President Trump. They hated him with a passion. They went to her big party after the election that turned out to be awake. Not a party was awake and they were very angry. These are the people that after two years, and forty million or thirty five million dollars. Linda being a lot more than that. By the time all the bills paid this is what happened. No collusion. No obstruction. No, nothing. They issued fifty orders authorizing use of pen registers. Think of that, though five hundred witnesses, and then I have dancy Pelosi go out and say that the president of the United States engaged in cover up down, we've had a house investigation. We have sensitive. Instigation. We have investigations like nobody's ever had before. And there's nothing we did nothing wrong. They would have loved to have said, we colluded. They would've loved it. These people were out to get

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