Rescuers search for survivors after Oklahoma tornado kills at least two


A tornado tearing apart El Reno Oklahoma last night, killing two ABC's, rob Marciano reports there have been a staggering one hundred six. Sixty four reported twisters in eleven states in the past week overnight. A frantic search for survivors after tornado barreled through Oklahoma killing at least two people and this morning officials feared that number could rise a mobile home park, taking a direct hit recent flying as powerful winds and rain, rip through the area leading over fifty thousand people without power across the state buildings reduced to rubble a week of strong storms leaving homes along the Arkansas river almost completely submerged in Tulsa county keystone dam releasing water. At more than one point eight million gallons per second putting immense pressure on the levees there. And in a water people urged to conserve water after treatment plant was shut down when rising floodwaters reached the electrical panels county leaders say they could run out of clean drinking water at any time. D mutual reports these intense storms not letting up anytime soon. Severe weather is expected to stretch into next week with more thunder. Storms. Damaging winds hail flash flooding and possibly tornadoes today. We'll bring intense storms from southern Nebraska to the Texas panhandle people from Indiana to the mid Atlantic region can expect severe thunderstorms. The biggest area of concern is flooding because the ground in most of these states, are saturated in water levels, or high fifty thousand people losing power during the latest. Twisters hitting

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