What Will Eric Discuss With Andrew Klavan at Socrates in the City?


What are you most excited to talk with Andrew clavin about at your upcoming Socrates event? This is like a cream puff question. Because if you listen to this program when I interviewed Andrew clavin about his new book, the truth and beauty, he brings a literary genius mind to the words of Jesus, that doesn't often happen. And I have to tell you what he does in the book the truth and beauty, that's going to be the main subject of conversation because I'm a literary guy. I appreciate literature. I was an English major in college, and I appreciate classic literature, so the idea, the basic idea of the conversation is, you know, how did the greatest poets in the English language in the romantic period help you understand the words of Jesus or the tougher passages, what Jesus says tough thing. So that's the main conversation, but I also want to talk to them about really to answer this question. He wrote a book came out a few years ago talking about it's kind of like my book fish out of water. It's like the story of his life and how he came to faith. It is nuts. I could do a separate Socrates and said he just done that. It is absolutely an insane story. And I do want to get into that with him at the Socrates in the city event and which reminds me go to Socrates and city dot com. Please buy a ticket by tickets for your friends if you want to come in. We want to make it possible for you. To stay at the union league club if you can come September 27th, we're doing an event in Houston on October 12th, that registration just opened up with James tour. But these are exciting events.

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