US set to remove 5 groups from foreign terrorism blacklist


The the the the U. U. U. U. S. S. S. S. is is is is set set set set to to to to remove remove remove remove five five five five extremist extremist extremist extremist groups groups groups groups from from from from its its its its list list list list of of of of foreign foreign foreign foreign terrorist terrorist terrorist terrorist organizations organizations organizations organizations I'm I'm I'm I'm Ben Ben Ben Ben Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas with with with with a a a a closer closer closer closer look look look look the the the the group's group's group's group's once once once once pose pose pose pose significant significant significant significant threats threats threats threats killing killing killing killing hundreds hundreds hundreds hundreds if if if if not not not not thousands thousands thousands thousands of of of of people people people people across across across across Asia Asia Asia Asia Europe Europe Europe Europe and and and and the the the the Middle Middle Middle Middle East East East East but but but but all all all all are are are are believed believed believed believed to to to to now now now now be be be be defunct defunct defunct defunct organizations organizations organizations organizations include include include include the the the the Basque Basque Basque Basque separatist separatist separatist separatist group group group group ETA ETA ETA ETA or or or or ETA ETA ETA ETA the the the the Japanese Japanese Japanese Japanese called called called called om om om om shinri shinri shinri shinri coke coke coke coke which which which which carried carried carried carried out out out out the the the the deadly deadly deadly deadly sarin sarin sarin sarin gas gas gas gas attack attack attack attack on on on on the the the the Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo subway subway subway subway in in in in nineteen nineteen nineteen nineteen ninety ninety ninety ninety five five five five Kahane Kahane Kahane Kahane chai chai chai chai or or or or Koch Koch Koch Koch radical radical radical radical orthodox orthodox orthodox orthodox Jewish Jewish Jewish Jewish group group group group the the the the mujahideen mujahideen mujahideen mujahideen shura shura shura shura council council council council in in in in the the the the environs environs environs environs of of of of Jerusalem Jerusalem Jerusalem Jerusalem an an an an umbrella umbrella umbrella umbrella group group group group of of of of several several several several jihadist jihadist jihadist jihadist organizations organizations organizations organizations based based based based in in in in Gaza Gaza Gaza Gaza and and and and comma comma comma comma all all all all its its its its Lumia Lumia Lumia Lumia or or or or Islamic Islamic Islamic Islamic group group group group I. I. I. I. N. N. N. N. G. G. G. G. Gyptian Gyptian Gyptian Gyptian SUNY SUNY SUNY SUNY Islamist Islamist Islamist Islamist movement movement movement movement that that that that fought fought fought fought to to to to topple topple topple topple Egypt's Egypt's Egypt's Egypt's government government government government during during during during the the the the nineteen nineteen nineteen nineteen nineties nineties nineties nineties I'm I'm I'm I'm Ben Ben Ben Ben Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas

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