Democrats Still Face Enthusiasm Gap


Well, David drucker of the Washington examiner, I think we're getting some data points. We've seen the Minnesota and Wisconsin primary elections Republican Republican voters up. Democrats down in Hawaii in the primary. A massive increase in Republican voters and a drop in Democrats. The regime media story, the narrative is Joe Biden's back. He's got his aviator glasses. He's gotten one 12th of what he asked for. That's practically the new deal. He's back. He's not even falling off his bike anymore, as he rides on the beach. And I think that that attempting to wish cast a guy with approval on par with monkey pox. I just think I just think his wishful thinking, what do you think? Well, I too think that looking at the president's screen of legislative accomplishments all in a row after several months of nothing. And concluding that the entire midterm election landscape is turned on its head, it stands for because it's just not true. I mean, the president's approval ratings are still low. Democrats are still facing headwinds. And one of the reasons why I'm paying close attention to how the fallout from the raid shakes up politically is because Republican turnout in primaries was already in democratic turnout in primaries was already either down or nowhere near as good as Republicans. So the Democrats already faced an enthusiasm gap. So it's not like they were riding high and now all of a sudden we've seen this thing turn on its head.

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