Bomani and Spencer Hall on Miami's Cultural Mixing Pot


The thing that I never forget about Miami, 'cause you talk about the line, right? And I guess we're at this point now where kids don't know about this, by the way, Spencer project you need to put a pin in. The January 1987 fiesta bowl, right? That's correct. Impossible to explain to people what a cultural flashpoint this was. Miami versus Penn State and is the whole, you know, a whole lot of stuff happening. You can go look it up. I can't get you into everything. But the most legendary thing about it was Miami gets off the plane and the team is in fatigues, right? 1986, they all get off the plane and fatigue. And it's all associated with like Jerome Brown. Michael Irvin Alonzo highsmith, Melvin bread and all those guys. But if you look at the clip, but when they got off the plane, the second or third dude office, they tested birdie. They're all kinds of clips in the U documentary where you just see Vinny Chester Bernie posted over these dudes in shades. He loved every minute of this. I don't think he was gold with them dudes nowhere, but he loved it. That is correct. And that is, you can get that kind of like, even if we take it out of the U, which I think is probably if we were to explain to somebody the prototypical example of Miami blending cultures very rapidly over the through sports, that would be one. The Miami Heat, this Miami Heat team. If you have ever seen Tyler hero and Jimmy Butler discussing swimming or the lack of ability thereof. That to me is an example of dudes who just found the right place to manage to mention a place where that kind of stuff can happen and it can happen very, very quickly.

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