What Actually Is a Marxist?


You're always talking about marxists. I hear this repeated theme. Marxist Marxist Marxist. What is a Marxist? What did Karl Marx actually believe? My 19 year old at the university of Alabama is being taught by her professors that Marx was smart profound and visionary help me out here who was Karl Marx. Great question. So Karl Marx is without a doubt one of the most influential people ever to live. There is no questioning that. So Karl Marx is interesting. He was a radical student. Part of the young hegelian group at the university of Berlin. Now, Hegel is a very complicated topic very deep. He wrote a book called the phenomenology of spirit. Hegel basically stole Christian eschatological framing end times. And created a theory of history, so whatever you think of Hegel think of history that things are constantly unfolding towards an inevitable perfection. It goes through this series of thesis and antithesis it creates a synthesis. We talk about this a little bit actually in an upcoming podcast, which is why you have to subscribe to the Charlie Kirk show podcast with James Lindsay, who understands the topic far better than I do. I have a surface understanding of it. He has a deep complex understanding of Hegel. Hegel was profound, though, because he got people to basically buy into the idea that history is constantly unfolding that we're on a journey towards inevitable utopia. Now that is against Christianity in the sense that our actions or the state actions are not going to bring us towards utopia, but we do believe that eventually that the people who give their lives to the lord will end up living in Paradise living in heaven.

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