Investigative Journalist Julie Kelly Sees the FBI Raid Backfiring


Guys, I'm really delighted to welcome to the podcast. Well, welcome back to the podcast. The one and only Julie Kelly. She is the go to person on the issues that we're going to talk about, which is the FBI, the double standards of the Biden DoJ, what needs to be done, Julie, thank you for joining me, delighted to have you as always, it seems to me that this raid on Mar-a-Lago, which perhaps the Democrats thought would be a way to smear Trump has kind of backfired on them and I wonder if you agree with that assessment and how you think this is going to play out. Hi, dinesh. Thank you, as always, for having me on and for covering my work. I do think it's backfiring. I think even some Democrats and left wing pundits are recognizing that, look, this is an egregious, unprecedented move. And there needed to be some real salad justification for it. And some public explanation, but if we're being told in what is being reported by both Trump camp and even federal authorities taught leaking to news outlets, if he was indeed cooperating and they somehow thought he had classified material in his possession, they were already working with Trump and his lawyers to figure that out. So there's really nothing that justifies it seems this judge who we now know is tied to Clinton world and to raids presidents, former president and potential rival of Joe Biden, raid his house, FBI agents for hours asking apparently for the Mar-a-Lago people to shut off security cameras, not give them a copy of the warrant looking for some sort of classified documents that's the ruse anyway. I think this is really fired up, even people dinesh, who have been completely silent on the abuses of the FBI related to anyone. Any Trump supporter or the president himself.

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