Who Will This 'New and Improved' IRS Target?


In the meantime, back to this IRS thing. I mean, I'm just kind of offended. I sound like I'm like, you know, one of the woke ones right now, 'cause I'm offended, everything. But I'm offended when they think that the answer is to somehow just go after every Tom dick and Harry and Jane and Susan and Sally. And this is who will be affected. It will be your middle class. As much as they're going to try and tell you, oh, it's the 1%, no, no, no. Just in terms of, if you have that many IRS agents, who are they going to go after, and they can't, as I keep saying, they can't go after. The people that they should go after were just the billionaires, they get away with the great deal on the tax front because we've got lawmakers that are so concerned about making sure they have enough money for their next campaign. I told you yesterday about all the money. I mean, Kirsten sinema is one example. She's got donations individual donations from the private equity industry totaling over 500,000 for her last campaign. I mean, that is a lot of money, right? And I'm just looking at the numbers 54,900 from executives over at KKR, 35,000 at Carlisle, 27,300 over at Apollo. The private equity industry is a very big lobbying organization. In fact, they probably spend more money than any other industry right now. They're on K street and one of the reasons they're doing this is to give themselves the beneficial treatment when it comes to taxes. Do you know the Chuck Schumer? Collected 1.28 million from the private equity industry, including Blackstone and KKR, so you really think that he's that interested in raising taxes on this particular group of people. Go back and listen to Monday's podcast. If you want to explain or they're on why this is income and why it should be treated as income and why this is just highway robbery, frankly, of the American people and of our government, but these people in Washington I'll tell you the whole system is so darn corrupt. When you see what just went down. And when you see that they're going to effectively inflate, again, the U.S. economy artificially by spending all this money while simultaneously adding another 80 billion to go after everyday folks from the IRS all all while saying we're going to give a pass to those private equity investors. I mean, give me a break. It's not investment. It's income and they need to be taxed as such. Anyway, it's really pretty disgusting. But the whole thing is just disgusting. I mean, the idea that they want to pass this off, the name itself as somehow an inflation reduction act. Guys, you're just spending more money. All right, before I get to that, I do have one more thing I want to mention to you. You know, it's summer and we're all looking for movies and I don't know about you, but it's kind of hard sometimes. Kind of hard to find a good movie that you can enjoy watching that is representative of your values. I think that our values have gotten kind of lost and pop culture these days. And it's one of the reasons why I think it's important for all of us to think about what we're watching and who we're supporting when we watch it, right? Are you really into Disney right now with all their bogus? Or do you want to try and seek out some alternative sources of entertainment? This is where this movie in particular comes in. When I was a kid, I used to watch Cameron on that, what was that show? Oh, you know what? I got to look it up right now as I'm talking to you. This is how you know I'm recording in real time. He had that sitcom, when I was a kid, what was it? So anyone who can answer that in the questions below, extra super duper points, go to you. I'm going to come back to that in a second because it's going to drive me crazy. I remember that sitcom really, really well. Anyway, he's got a new movie out a new movie that he's backing. He's a very big Christian. He's an growing pains. Growing pains. That was the sitcom. I remember that now. Anyway, he's got a new movie that is just out. It's pretty neat. It's got a good message, and I think it's worth taking a look at as you're looking for things to watch and be entertained by. So this is called life Mark. And in this movie life Mark, it tells the story of David who has this very comfortable world that gets totally turned upside down when his birth mother, unexpectedly reaches out to him, and she's looking to meet him. He's 18 years old at that point. She only had the chance to hold him once, and she went looking for him and he finds this out. So it's really, it's an interesting storyline and probably one that happens a lot. He gets encouragement from his adopted parents, and so he embarks on this life altering journey, which really is a process of discovery and it leads to a pretty staggering truth from his past, inspired by a true story life mark is a powerful reminder that one decision, one choice can impact so much more than one life. It's a pro family pro love pro forgiveness pro reconciliation and pro new beginnings kind of movie.

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