Caller: We Need Oversight on the FBI


Everybody's talking about what Congress should do. They should have hearings, whatever. My point is that I think they need to really look at making changes in that there needs to be true oversight of the FBI. Right now, people assume Congress has oversight, but if you look at any hearing they have, the FBI or the Justice Department can say, well, we can't talk to that because it's an ongoing investigation. Right. Or they said, we'll get back with you on that. And they never get responses back. So whether it's Congress or the Senate, they get blamed for a lot of stuff Republicans. You didn't get anything done. Well, the way the laws are right now, they do not have true oversight over the FBI. And I think the laws need to be changed or the rules change to where there is true oversight. There's an independent body elected body that has oversight over the FBI.

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