McDonald’s to Face $10B Race Discrimination Suit From Byron Allen


It says McDonald's will face a $10 billion lawsuit against them for not advertising enough on black owned media. Now, let me just explain who this helps in who this hurts. The fact that the plaintiff are the fact that and I believe it was a black man that did the suing. The fact that we're suing people because you're not advertising junk food enough on black networks. It's asinine to me. Now the people who are making money from advertisement who wants to sell out the black community because they don't care nothing about your health, you know, one of the leading cause of deaths for black people in America is heart disease and diabetes, hypertension, I mean, literally obesity is rampant amongst the black community. However, you get people who want to sue McDonald's because they don't spend enough advertising to black people. That's like saying, why don't you sell us more stuff to kill us? How dare you, not sell things that's going to destroy our community on our network. Why won't you sell destructive things in our community on our network? Why you just sell it on a white people network where black people ain't listening to? But no, it's about money. Says the federal courts this week ruled that McDonald's will have to face a $10 billion lawsuit allegation that is discrimination or discriminates against black owned media channels by refusing to advertise on them. It says media tycoon, Bryant Byron Allen, a company Alan media group, we're bringing the suit against the fast food retailer with the U.S. district judge for Nando, outgoing, all going, I think it's how you say his name. Clearing the way for Allen to attempt to prove his claim in court. So they're

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